Monday, March 22, 2010


L. fuscus, dark, swarthy, dusky; fuscitas- atis, f. darkness, obscurity, fusco, -atus, darken, blacken, obscure; infuscus, dusky, dark brown, blackish; offusco (obfusco), darken, obscure; suffusculus, brownish: fuscous, fuscescent, fuscin, obfuscate, Formica fusca (an ant), Buteo rufofuscus (a hawk). Serjania fuscifolia (a sapindacead), Stiphrosomus fuscicornis (a wasp), Hyloeichla fuscescens (veery), Sterna fuscata (sooty tern), Goniobasis infuscata (a snail).

Roland Wilbur Brown—Composition of Scientific Words: A Manual of Methods and a Lexicon of Materials for the Practice of Logotechnics

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