Monday, June 7, 2010

Head to Head with Mr. Eighth Note

“Like most composers, Debussy was no ardent admirer of conductors. He thus saluted one of the day’s most famed, Felix Weingartner: ‘He . . . conducted [Beethoven’s] Pastoral Symphony with the care of a conscientious gardener. He tidied it so neatly as to produce the illusion of a meticulously finished landscape in which the gently undulating hills are made of plush at ten francs the yard and the foliage is crimped with curling-tongs.’ ”—Time, “Music: The Dilettante Hater,” May 31, 1948.

To honor Mr. Croche’s memory, Mr. Beez has composed a short fantasy for eight virtual pianos. Tools used were Python 2.6, Finale 2010b, Garritan Steinway Grand Piano, and Audacity 1.3.

Listen to Mr. Beez’s Homage à Monsieur Croche.

Detail of the autograph ms. of the Particelle from the Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune. See at Veery Books.

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